Remote supervision, system administration.

In order to maintain a competitive company management it is essential that the managers are able to focus on the main business of the company. This is enhanced by the outsourcing of IT-services, operating the IT-system by an external expert.

Today to manage a competitive company it is essential to use IT-systems. But while IT-systems and the usage of information technology is becoming more user-friendly and causing less trouble to users, operating these systems seems to become an even more complex task. If the opportunities in our IT-systems are to be exploited maximally, setting our systems properly and operating them reliably would require work of ever more specialists. However, the availability of such experts is rather limited. Another problem is that mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises employing these specialists are too expensive, moreover most of the companies would not even need them to work full time.

Our Solution

We offer a solution to this problem by providing remote supervision of IT-systems. It means that instead of a system administrator, who is a little familiar with different areas of work, there are specialists providing operation and maintenance of the systems at lower price.

There is no more need for experimenting. The emerging problems will be solved safely by an expert skilled in the given area.

System Operating

There is a possibility to integrate operating of IT-systems entirely or partly into our more effective professional system.

Our customers can outsource operation of an optional component of their IT-system depending on their requirements. Total IT-outsourcing means full outsourcing of IT-services enabling the most significant savings and increase in effectiveness.

Our customers entrust us with operating certain, usually critical elements of the IT-system knowing that the permanent operation of the given IT-area is secured by a professional and more effective provider.

This enables the customers to reduce and plan its costs and significantly increase the quality of the service