Software Development Outsourcing

Our company has been providing outsourcing since 2005, mainly for foreign customers. Since then we have got orders constantly, thanks to what we have broad experiences in organizing and delivering such assignments.

Our company is able to cooperate as an efficient partner in outsourcing mainly in case of lack of human resources in larger projects or tight budget projects. We join a project after careful selection of human resources most appropriate for the project, after presenting them to the customer and having approved them by the customer.


For Whom is Outsourcing Advantageous?

Offshore outsourcing is a fast developing practice both in the United States and Western Europe.

Companies are facing a constantly growing pressure to introduce their products as fast as possible or their solutions to be able to follow the latest development of technology without any loss of quality or need to employ extreme inner resources. This is the reason why most if the medium-sized or even small companies consider outsourcing as a viable option for own development in the IT-segment.

Originally outsourcing provided to companies an opportunity to reduce their costs. However, at the present more and more companies have realized that taking advantage of the excellent manpower provided by outsourcing it can also improve the quality of work.

Nowadays outsourcing in IT-industry uses only a small portion of the market. Countries like Russia and India have responded quickly to a this niche in IT-industry and transformed themselves into some „outsourcing power plants“, however considering the present and foreseen demand they can still fill only a small part of this gap.

Putting it into a simple way outsourcing works well. It reduces costs, risk and time of accessing the market radically, enabling the companies to maintain their leading position in the competition.


Why is it Advantageous?

Our cooperation brings our customers the following benefits:

For Which Tasks Can We Provide Human Resources?

We choose persons involved in individual projects according to the special needs of our partners. The shortlisted candidates are being introduced to our partners, who put them to test and only the persons approved by the customer will be assigned to the common project.

Currently the most wanted positions are the senior software developers and creative dynamic beginner programmers. Depending on requirements we can provide head developer, system developer, database specialist, data warehouse designer and developer, consultant and network engineer and we undertake to deliver trainings in these technologies.


We are in close touch with experts with special knowledge, who are also familiar with technologies not so widespread on the market and in case of need they can provide assistance to our customers.